Two projects have to passed projects in order to take the exam Your reports must be accepted for you to be able to attend the written exam, but the grade of the course is only based on the written exam. The projects are formulated both in English and in Danish. You may submit your reports in English or in Danish.

See the hand-in dates below All participants handing in will receive feedback. The procedure is the following:

  • A .zip file with description, data and scripts is available under assignments in DTU Learn (info about report format etc. is on the first page of the description).
  • Prepare the report as a pdf and hand it in via DTU Learn, attach also your R script (ONLY pdf-FILES WILL BE EVALUATED, not .doc etc.).
  • The report must be uploaded under the correct assignment, otherwise it will not be evaluated.
  • Two weeks after hand-in you get a mail if its approved and with name of the TA who evaluated it. You can also see a short written feedback in DTU Learn
  • The day after at the group exercise you can get feedback from the TA about your report
  • One week later you can, if your report wasn’t approved, hand in an improved report which is then evaluated

Project 1 is available under Assignments in DTU Learn Different topics are available:

  • Water environment in Skive fjord
  • Heat consumption in Sønderborg
  • Trading with ETF
  • BMI Survey

Choose the topic that you find most interesting (the statistical analysis is similar in all of them).

Project 2 is available under Assignments in DTU Learn Same topic as for Project 1 are available. It is fine to choose another topic for the second project. The statistical analysis is similar in all topics.

The following principles apply for working together a) It is recommended to carry out the calculations together in groups, thus it is allowed to hand in identical R-scripts b) The report must be written individually and the handed in .pdf will be checked for plagiarism

The following principles apply to for seeking help for projects from TAs a) It is OK with help to get R code to run - as a starting point only to functions/code which is covered by the course material. So not for various alternative solutions found online b) Reasonable yes/no questions can be answered c) Fundamental questions can be answered with a reference to the appropriate section in the material

Participants that have been on a exam list in a previous version with/without such projects, may simply choose not to make them During first semester week participants that is on an exam list before 2014 December or that we have registered as having approved a project will receive a mail stating this during semester week one. Participants that have had their projects approved in an earlier semester need not to hand in again. In case of doubts mail

Project dates

Date Project 1
14/3 Project 1 hand-in (23:59:59)
27/3 Mail stating if you passed Project 1 and which TA evaluated it
28/3 Get feedback on Project 1 during the exercises from the TA that evaluated your report
11/4 Re-hand in deadline of Project 1 (23:59:59)
Date Project 2
11/4 Hand-in deadline of Project 2 (23:59:59)
24/4 Mail stating if you passed Project 2 and which TA evaluated it
25/4 Get feedback on Project 2 during the exercises from the TA that evaluated your report
2/5 Re-hand deadline of Project 2 (23:59:59)

.zip files

The .zip files for each project can be downloaded here: skivefjord1, soenderborg1, finans1, bmi1, skivefjord2, soenderborg2, finans2, bmi2