Generic weekly agenda

  1. Before each lecture: Read the pages announced below in the book (1-3 hours).
  2. Attend/follow the weekly lecture - either live (Tuesday 8-10) or by watching the podcast (2 hours).
  3. Attend the exercise classes (Tuesday 10-12). Complete the exercises listed below (click on the link, e.g., E1.1 links to Chapter 1, Exercise 1) (2 hours).
  4. Afterwards: Test yourself using the online test quizzes (typical exam questions, takes around 1-2 hours).

NEW! Area9 Rhapsode is a platform for adaptive learning. You can use it as you an alternative to the quizzes or as it suits you. You will receive a mail with a login during the first semester week.

The reading and exercise plan

No Date Topic Book Read Area9 Exercises Quiz
1 30/8 Introduction and R Chap1 All Area9 E1.1, E1.2, E1.3, Quiz1, E1.4 TestQuiz1
2 6/9 Probability I Chap2 Sec. 2.1-2.3 Area9 E2.1, E2.4, E2.5, E2.7, E2.8, Quiz2 TestQuiz2
3 13/9 Probability II Chap2 Sec. 2.4-2.8 Area9 E2.9, E2.10, E2.11, E2.12, E2.13, Quiz3 TestQuiz3
4 20/9 Confidence Intervals Chap3 Sec. 3.1.1-3.1.6 and 3.1.9 Area9 E3.1, E3.2, Quiz4 TestQuiz4
5 27/9 Hypothesis Testing Chap3 Sec. 3.1.7-3.1.9 Area9 E3.3, E3.4, Quiz5 TestQuiz5
6 4/10 Analysis of Two Samples Chap3 Sec. 3.2-3.3 Area9 E3.5, E3.6, E3.7, E3.8, E3.9, E3.10, Quiz6 TestQuiz6
7 11/10 Simulation Methods Chap4 All (Sec. 4.4 is optional) Area9 E4.1, E4.2, E4.3, E4.4, E4.5, Quiz7 TestQuiz7
8 25/10 Simple Linear Regression Chap5 All (Except Section 5.2.1 and 5.5,
and you may skip the proofs)
Area9 E5.1, E5.2, E5.3, E5.4, E5.5, E5.6 TestQuiz8
9 1/11 Multiple Linear Regression Chap6 Sec. 6.1-6.5 Area9 E6.1, E6.2 TestQuiz9
10 8/11 Categorical and Count Data Chap7 All Area9 E7.1, E7.2, E7.3, E7.4, E7.5, Quiz10 TestQuiz10
11 15/11 Grouped Data
(one-way ANOVA)
Chap8 Sec. 8.1-8.2 Area9 E8.1, E8.2, E8.3, E8.4, Quiz11 TestQuiz11
12 22/11 Grouped Data
(two-way ANOVA)
Chap8 Sec. 8.3-8.4 Area9 E8.5, E8.6, E8.7, E8.8, Quiz12 TestQuiz12
13 29/11 Summary Book All Area9 2017mayExam TestQuiz13